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Aurora Metaphysical Supply Co
is proud to debut art by Jessica Leigh

Jessica Leigh.jpg

Picture by Jovial & Co

Meet the Artist

Local artist Jessica Leigh was born in Würzburg, Germany on an Army base and moved to Upstate New York with her mother and father upon their return to American soil. It is there she grew up and there she has remained. This devoted mother of three works tirelessly with kids and teens during her day job, and still somehow manages to find time to create beautiful art. Jessica first began painting in middle school where she took art classes as an elective. It's from these humble beginnings that her passion for painting was born; her parents were fully supportive of course, even allowing her to paint the walls of her bedroom in her childhood home. The mural still remains there to this day. When asked from where or what she draws her inspiration, "I get visions in my head that just come to me, and I have to get them out. Sometimes things come to me in my dreams but also just from my feelings" she replied. Her style is wistful and free flowing, exhibiting a true balance of color, darkness and light as well as emotion. "I feel I live out an experience of freedom and limitlessness on canvas" she noted. Her pieces truly speak for themselves, and they speak volumes. 

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