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Anise Seed

Anise Seed

Botanical Name

Pimpinella anisum


Usual Origin(s)

Syria, Turkey



True anise seeds (also spelled aniseed), not to be confused with star anise. These small, brown seeds are about 3-4mm in length. Anise seeds have a characteristic, licorice-like flavor.


Folk Names

Anneys, Aniseseed, Yanisin, Sweet Cumin















Protection, Purification, Youth


Magical Uses

Fill a small pillowcase with anise seeds and sleep on it. This will ensure that you have no nightmares. Use in protection and meditation in senses. Fresh anise leaves placed in a room will drive off evil, and they are sometimes placed around the magic circle to protect the magician from evil spirits. It also averts the evil eye. Anise seed is also used in purification baths, especially with bay leaves. It is used to call forth spirits to aid in magical operations, and a sprig hung on the bedpost will restore lost youth.


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